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The Company / Introduction

Since 1985, ME-PLAST KOZINA d.o.o. has been successfully operating and following the market needs. Long-term vision of the Company is to expand to foreign markets.


WHOLESALE sale of products for garments manufacture:

We deal with wholesale sales of products for the manufacture of textile clothing. We also specialise in technically demanding needs of customers in garment manufacture, fitting snap fasteners and grommets. Our own production of presses guarantees superior quality, with consulting and repair service also available.


TARGET store - everything for sewing and fashion accessories:

Located in BTC shopping centre in Ljubljana, the TARGET store offers everything you need for sewing and fitting snap fasteners, with a large range of fashion accessories and sewing repairs.



In addition to commercial services, we run our own research and development activities and thermoplastic injection moulding.

We offer projecting services and production of various sophisticated tools. One reason for growth of the Company is continuous investment in research and development with aim to satisfy the needs of our customers with knowledge and experience gained through various projects.

Our aim to please customers has brought to a very rich selection of products for the textile industry. By meeting the expectations and demands of our customers and by achieving customer satisfaction, we are able to offer one-stop shop, which is also our primary goal.

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